Questions & Answers About Toronto Children Therapy Centre’s

Virtual Care Services

What Is Virtual Care?

 At TCTC we usually call it virtual care, but it can also be called telepractice, virtual therapy, teletherapy, online therapy, video therapy or e-therapy. Virtual Care is simply services conducted via an online connection.  The TCTC therapists have modified most of their services for virtual care.  We can assess or treat your child’s skills in the areas of gross and fine motor, speech and language, sensory, feeding, reading and writing, social communication, play, and parent training via virtual care.

 What Are The Benefits Of Virtual Care?

 There are many benefits to virtual care!  Although access to virtual care has grown due to the pandemic, it has been an effective method of providing therapy for many years.

Safety: Therapy sessions are completed in the safety of your home without the need to worry about masks or maintaining social distance.  The TCTC therapists are regulated professionals who must follow provincial and federal laws. The virtual care platforms we use are private and secure, and comply with the requirements put forth by PHIPA and our regulatory colleges.

Convenience:  Virtual care eliminates travel time, weather-related disruption, and cancellations due to potential COVID symptoms or contacts.  It is a great option for busy families who juggle many priorities.

 EfficiencyDue to the pandemic, available in-person appointments are limited and we currently have a waitlist.  Virtual care sessions can allow your child to receive intervention sooner and reduce interruptions due to illness or quarantine.  Many parents have found it easier to participate in or observe virtual care sessions and therefore feel more prepared to support their child’s learning between therapy sessions.    

How Is Virtual Care Different From Online School Or FaceTiming With Grandparents?

 All of our licensed therapists have participated in additional training on how to modify in-person services to the virtual care format.  Your therapist will be working one-on-one with you and/or your child to engage them in fun, interactive, developmentally appropriate and motivating activities.  Many families have been pleasantly surprised at how well their child has participated in and benefited from virtual care.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Virtual care? 

 Younger children or those who are just beginning to develop a new skill may require hands-on support of their family for part or all of a session.  However, most children can learn to work with the therapist independently after a few sessions or with occasional direct family support. Older siblings can sometimes help too!  The TCTC therapists are skilled at coaching family members to participate effectively. 

 We know that there will be some children or families who will not be able to benefit from virtual care, so that is why we offer a 15-minute virtual care trial.  If virtual care is clearly not a good fit during the first 15 minutes, we will discontinue services at no charge to you.

 What Equipment Or Supplies Will My Child Need For The Virtual Care Sessions?

 You will need a computer with a webcam.  A laptop is best as the screen can be adjusted so that your therapist can see the child’s whole face, body or hands during activities.  If you have a printer, your therapist may send worksheets to be printed.  Before each session, your therapist will let you know what toys or supplies to have ready.  Don’t worry if you do not have the exact item requested.  Our therapists are creative and will help you identify common household items that will work just as well. 

 What Else Do I Need To Know

 Acceptance of virtual care is on the rise and most insurance companies and funding sources (e.g., OAP) will continue to provide reimbursement for virtual care sessions. 

You will be emailed a detailed receipt after payment for the virtual care session has been received.  The receipt will include the information necessary for reimbursement, proof of service, or tax purposes.

 How Do I Find Out More Or Book My Child’s First Virtual care Appointment? 

 You can give us a call, complete our appointment request form, or browse the available appointments for in-person and virtual care or complete our appointment request form: