Occupational Therapy Fees

Our services are offered at the following locations:

    • Video/Virtual
    • In-person at our clinic located at Pape & Danforth in East York.
    • In-person at your home or school in select areas based on therapist availability.  

Available appointment options are listed on the Appointment Request Form

Occupational Therapy Fees

Our fees are $160 per hour which includes up to 10 minutes for set-up, cleaning, and communication with the caregiver.

Occupational Therapy Assessment /First Appointment

Fine Motor & Printing/Motor skills:
A 60-minute appointment & summary letter: $240

OT Sensory/Emotional Regulation assessments require 2 appointments:
A 60-minute appointment with child ($240) & a 45-minute parent consult appointment ($120): $360.00

For school/home visits please add $30 per session for travel time
Occupational Therapy Treatment Sessions
50 min. session + 5 min. debrief with caregiver + 5 min clean-up - $160

35 min. session + 5 min. debrief with caregiver + 5 min. clean-up - $120

For school/home visits please add $30 per session for travel
Occupational Therapy Group Fees
- $80 per session x 8 sessions = $640
- Each session is 50 minutes in duration
- Maximum 4 children per group
- Please note, there are no refunds for missed or cancelled appointments

Rates for service are competitive and within the guidelines recommended by the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario (COTO).

Payment for therapy services is due immediately after each session and can be made by e-transfer or credit card.

After payment has been received, a receipt that contains all information necessary for tax, insurance, or reimbursement purposes will be issued. 

Cancellation policy:   

  • We request that you keep your therapists informed of your plans for therapy each week.
  • We will hold your appointment time for two weeks for vacation when sufficient notice is provided to the therapist by the family. 
  • A 50% cancellation fee will be applied to appointments cancelled with less than 24-hours notice
  • In order for therapy to be effective and to achieve your child’s goals, consistency is key.  If attendance is inconsistent, your therapist reserves the right to discontinue service.  The family may return to an open waitlist for an appointment that works better for their schedule.