Occupational Therapy

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapists are health care professional who work with children a to help them engage in day-to-day activities. These activities can include self-care, school participation, and play.

We can help with:

  • Fine motor skills including printing, scissor skills, buttoning, zippering, and lacing.
  • Gross motor skills such as balance,
    bilateral coordination, support with motor planning skills, core and upper body strength.
  • Sensory processing which include the visual, auditory, tactile, vestibular and
    propioceptive senses.
  • Feeding Skills which may include bottle feeding, transitioning to a cup, transitioning to solid foods, self-feeding with a spoon or fork, expanding textures and variety, building positive experiences around mealtimes at home and school. 

All children have their own strengths and weaknesses in the area of motor skill development and it is not always necessary to address a weakness in therapy. However, for some children, a skill that is slow to develop can be a source of continued frustration or a cause of avoidance of important developmental tasks such as writing, dressing, participation in sports, and academic life.


The first step, is to have your child participate in an assessment.  The assessment consists of both standardized and non-standardized tests that allows the therapist to determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses for fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and sensory processing.  Based on the results of the assessment and discussion with the parent, goals for therapy are then established.

We offer two types of assessments:

  1.  Fine motor assessment with a gross motor screen.  This assessment will evaluate your child’s hand skills, printing skills, scissor skills, visuo-motor skills, and in-hand manipulation skills.  In addition, we also complete a gross motor screen to look at upper body and core strength, balance, and coordination.  Gross motor skills are the foundation to fine motor skills.  This assessment is done on the first visit.
  2. A sensory assessment consists of all the components of the fine motor assessment and gross motor screen, however, in addition, the parent will be asked to complete two questionnaires for review.  This assessment requires two visits.  The first is the assessment and the second visit is a consult session to review the results of the assessment, discuss your child’s profile, and provide recommendations.  Based on the information gathered at the second visit, a parent should be able to make an informed decision on how to proceed with their child’s care, either with a home program, direct intervention with a therapist, or both.

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Based on assessment results, your Toronto Children’s Therapy Center Occupational Therapist, will establish a fun program for your child to develop fine and gross motor skills, and support sensory processing skills.  Services are offered one to one with a therapist or in group format for printing and gymnastics

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