Due to COVID-19, we are not able to offer in-person sessions at our clinic or your home.    

We are offering video therapy sessions during this time.  

Please contact us for further information.  

 We would love to help.  Any personal or medical information that you share with us is kept confidential.  We follow guidelines established by the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

Options for contacting a therapist:

1.   Complete our online registration form:

Completing our online registration form can save time, especially if you know that you would like to go ahead and book an appointment.  If you would like to speak with an Occupational Therapist or a Speech-Language Therapist before booking, you can indicate this in the form.

2.  E-mail us:

Send us an e-mail with your questions. Please note that e-mail communication is not considered secure as it can be intercepted by a third party.  E-mailing us indicates that you accept this risk.

Occupational Therapy Toronto East:

Occupational Therapy Toronto West:


Speech-Language Therapy:

3.  Leave us a voice mail:

Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy Toronto East:  647-236-4263

Occupational Therapy Toronto West:   416-436-3022 

Speech-Language Therapy:  647-235-9886