I came across a really good blog that explains how fidgeting allows us to listen or focus.

As adults we all fidget…. I know I do! In courses and meetings, I drink coffee or cold water, chew gum, shake my leg, and/or doodle to remain focused. Sitting still is not an inherent trait that all humans do well.   Therefore, should we be asking our 4, 6, or even 10 year olds to sit for extended periods of time without fidgeting?  There is the argument that a child’s movement or  fidgeting  in the classroom might distract another.  This blog offers some fidget toy ideas to implement in the classroom that are unobstrusive and provides some insight as to the connection betweeen busy hands and attention.

Stop Touching Things! The Role of Fidget Toys, by Occupational Therapy for Children, a private practice in Australia


Lizette Alexander OT Reg. (Ont)