Written by: Stacy Kramer, OT Reg. (Ont)
Occupational Therapist & Clinical Director at Toronto Children’s Therapy Center

Ahhh – the beauty of freshly fallen snow.  From a child’s point of view, snow provides the ultimate play opportunity. From sledding to snowball fights, snow gives our children endless options for a good time.  But did you know that snow is not just fun? Playing in the snow is also a wonderful way to build both motor and sensory skills.  Running in the snow means running against resistance, which builds core strength and stamina.  Games like tag and hide and seek in the snow are full body workouts.  Building things in the snow (such as snowmen and snow huts) also builds shoulder and arm strength.   All manners of snow play also provide great heavy work for children, which is the type of exercise that builds both self-regulation and body awareness skills.  So don’t hesitate to encourage your child to go out and have a good time now that we are surrounded by snow.