Available Occupational Therapy Appointments – HOME VISITS

Booking tip:  For your convenience we have listed our available appointments for home visits for an assessment. It is best to select a time that would work for your child every week should therapy sessions be recommended. This will allow you to work with the same therapist that completed the assessment.  

Use the search box on the right above the table to filter the list by day or by therapist.  For example, if you type “Tuesday”  or “Danforth” in the search box, the list will only show you appointments available based on your search word.

We update our list a minimum of once per week.  Availability is subject to change based on the flow of phone calls, therefore, the times listed are not guaranteed.  

Day of the week~ Available Time TherapistLocation
Mondays9 am or 10 amAli Cooper Riverdale / Danforth - Home visits
Mondays9 am - 3 pmJacquie MartinBloor West / Etobicoke
Mondays6:30 pm alternate weeks onlySarah LucasBeaches/Danforth
Tuesdays9 am or 10 amAli CooperRiverdale / Danforth
Tuesdays9 am - 3 pm Jacquie MartinBloor West / Etobicoke
Wednesdays10 am or 11 amSarah LucasBeaches/Danforth
Wednesdays10 am Ali CooperRiverdale / Danforth
Thursdays10 am Ali CooperRiverdale / Danforth
Thursdays9 am - 3 pmJacquie MartinBloor West / Etobicoke
Fridays9 am, 1 pm, or 2 pmJacquie Martin Bloor West / Etobicoke
Please note that Times are approximate as the therapist needs to account for travel time between appointments.