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Physiotherapy Services in Toronto, ON, Canada

 Toronto Children’s Therapy Center is not specifically endorsing a company. We do not benefit from listing a company on our website as listings are free to the service provider. The information is made available on this page (in no particular order) to help parents navigate services in the community. It is up to the parent to research available services and determine whether the available services are appropriate for their child.  If you are a pediatric service provider in Toronto and would like to be listed, please contact

Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates

Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates provides therapy services by experienced paediatric therapists with a wide range of skills and expertise for children or adolescents who may require neurological, developmental, cardiorespiratory or orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation. We offer services at either our clinic location (in Scarborough) or in-home visits through out the greater Toronto area and select areas in Peel, York and Durham regions.

Vanessa Mascarenhas, Physiotherapist