by Lizette Alexander OT Reg. (Ont)

A parent e-mailed us a link to a very good article from the Los Angeles Times about the benefits of writing over keyboarding.  The article states that there are a significant number of benefits to good writing with a pen or pencil over keyboarding. I have listed a few from the article:

1. Improved letter recognition, which is the number 1 predictor of reading abilities at age 5.

2. Good handwriting leads to better grades over poor handwriting (i.e. legible writing allows the teacher to focus on the content rather than deciphering words).

3.  Faster composition of sentences or essays versus keyboarding

4. Engages different circuits in the brain

5. Aids memory – this is true for me actually, if I write a list and then forget my list, I can usually visualize what I wrote.

For full details on this article please go to the following website:  “The many perks of good handwriting”