A good friend of mine shared a link with me as I was looking for some parenting strategies with my own children at home.  I was struck by the approach taken, as I viewed it from an Occupational Therapist’s (OT) lens.  The presenter in the video explains how difficult it is for a child to follow instruction when they feel “disorganized”, as they are not able to think clearly.   She explained that when children are feeling “disorganized” they may shut down or lash out.   She offers some playful strategies such as pillow fights “where your children get to pummel you” to help the parent connect to their child and to the task at hand. Sounds like a sensory approach to manage behaviour to me!

A sensory diet is not just about supporting “busy”  or sensory defensive children.  A sensory diet can also support behaviour at home and at school.   Heavy work and resistive activities through play and exercise is organizing for the brain. When the brain is organized, it’s easier to follow instructions, to focus and to be productive. The video does not explain sensory diet per se.  It is focused on parenting tips only but  I just could not help it and thought I would add my OT lens as I was excited to see some of these ideas represented in this video:



Lizette Alexander OT Reg. (Ont)