This TED talk by Stephen Tonti not only shares a supportive approach to learning for children with cognitive differences, but it also, in my professional opinion, shares the foundation for how all Occupational Therapists and Educators should teach.

Every child learns differently and expectations in many school settings are not often realistic. A multi-sensory approach to learning is key to capturing the attention and imagination of the different learning styles and abilities. Teaching in “chunks” with frequent multiple breaks is beneficial not only for learning but for the body. It’s time we break away from the sedentary approach to learning. This TED Talk not only highlights the potential that children diagnosed with ADHD have, but it might also give us pause to think that if we take their lead perhaps as educators and therapists, we could learn new and fun teaching strategies. Strategies that can keep us moving not only physically but also mentally. The biggest lesson that 15 years of working in this profession has taught me is that I will always have to dream up new tricks and strategies to teach basic skills such as printing, simply because every child that crosses my path learns differently. What worked with one child does not always work with another, however, if you can tap into their learning style, a child CAN learn.

It’s worth watching this dynamic speaker just click on the link below:


Lizette Alexander OT Reg. (Ont)

Occupational Therapist