Virtual Summer Printing Group

Occupational Therapy Summer Printing Group Registration is now Open!

NEW! Raising a Foodie.

Progressing through textures and increasing variety class.

Toronto Children’s Therapy Center offers a variety of therapeutic group programs for children.  Group programs have many benefits for children.  Children are placed in groups based on skill level not age or grade. Thus, children are working with children that are at the same skill level.  Children are often motivated to when observing other children at play and “work”.  Working in a group can build social skills, independence and self-confidence in a safe and fun space.  Of course, some children benefit more from working at their own pace one to one.  

Speak to your occupational therapist to determine whether your child is ready for a group program.  

We offer the following groups during the school year:  


OT/PT Dance

Play with Purpose – Sensory motor group